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Today was just another day. [10 Sep 2002|04:08pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Well, okay so I've had about six hours sleep this week. I don't really like this hole going to bed early thing.

Classes today, well... sucked. This girl was my partner in potions, she kept trying to force me to drink her potion. We were making happyness potions, I swear they made you high.

Quidditch starts again next month, and you know what that means... A very tired James. In transfiguration, today we had to turn our burlap bags into plastic. I think it was maybe the easiest thing we've ever done. Hmm... I think there is a fight in the common room, I'm gonna go watch. Bye!

-James (Prongs)
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Back to school. . . [02 Sep 2002|09:14pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hmm... Back to school. We started yesterday. I don't have much to say, except that Diagon Alley wasn't very fun. I didn't get to go with everybody else. I havn't gone alone since I was in first year (and even then atleast my parents were with me). I had a little accident. I erm... ran into a girl. Then we started to talk. Turns our she's a Slytherin.

[People Block] It was kind of embarassing. She was hot. But I'm a faithful guy so I wasnt' really lookin. [/People Block]

Nothing much else happened. The sorting went well, we ate alot. Classes came and went. It was kind of good to be back, but in a way, I wish I was still staying at The Three Broomsticks. I'd better get to sleep. I'll write again later.

-James (Prongs)
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Ugh, I hate mornings... [21 Aug 2002|09:52am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

[People Block]
The other night, I got out of bed, and to my great surprize Lily almost took my head off. She came down the steps right after I did, and she found me. We talked for a while and she sat on my lap, we cuddled a bit. Then, I guess she tried to make a move on me and I kinda froze up, you know I was already very excited, and me... in my boxers and her in a nighty. I really didn't want her to feel anything. If you understand me. I got kinda... nervous and asked if she'd come upstairs and play chess with me. She's so cute, she pronounces chess "chest" heh. I do love her, but I'm afraid of myself. I know I should really talk to her. She was kind of upset with me, when she left my room. I want to talk to her, I just don't know what to say. [/People Block]

Yes what a horrid morning it is. It's rainy, and I'm just about to leave for work. I do love my job, but it's just too early. I like to spend my summers just hanging out with my friends. It's fun really.

Oh yes! The party. Well, it was tons of fun. Sunday, like I said, we had a party. Everybody was there. We sat, ate, and went swimming. I was glad I got to see everyone. I know I see you guys all the time, but, I mean, this was different. It wasn't in a "Oh god it's late, we'd best head off to bed." manner.

It was a blast. Oh! I fell in the pool. It was quite funny. We were getting dried off, and I had the towel over my head, trying to dry my hair. So I'm walking in the backyard, trying to find my glasses, and *splash* in to the water I go. xD

After the party, we all went to sleep on my floor. Mum really wanted us all to sleep in seperate rooms, but we just... don't have that big of a house. I don't think she realized that when she said that we should all just spend the night. Heh. So, I got to sleep with my Lily in my arms. That was so... comforting.

Oh damn. I'm late, so I'd better wrap this up. I'll post sometime later. Bye

- James (Prongs)
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Scissors are sharp. [14 Aug 2002|12:43am]
[ mood | awake ]

Yes, yes I know I havn't written in a while, but not much has happened. I don't really get why everybody is so... uptight lately. Come on guys! Relax, let your hair down and have fun. We don't have fun anymore, and it's starting to annoy me.

[People Block] It's starting to happen, I'm getting that feeling in my stomach whenever I see Lily. It's just not a fun thing because I'm afraid. Yes, I am afraid to tell her. You know my mum always told me that I never take anything serious. I'll never be able to commit. I would really like to commit. I want to get Lily a nice ring, and a house, and a puppydog. All the things that I promised her. And we will go to Disney World. And have children. All that stuff. But I just don't know... I know we're still young, but I feel as though she's the only person that I'll truely be happy with. And God, do I hope she feels the same. [/People Block]

Well yeah, The party is at my house, Sunday, I know nobody works on Sundays, so thats that. If you want to come, come. If you don't... don't. I miss my dog. She reminds me of Padfoot. 'Cept, she's a dog, and a girl.

It's kind of late, I guess I'll get to showering and maybe go sit outside and watch the stars. Maybe wake Lily up. I'll write Later.

- James (Prongs)
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I ate too much. ._. [01 Aug 2002|10:34pm]
[ mood | full ]

Since I haven’t updated in a while, I guess I won't go into anything. Nothing exciting has happened lately, except for, Lily finally got here. She's working at the The Three Broomsticks.

On a lighter note... I ate a lot of food today. I decided to drop by Honeydukes and stock up on some stuff, but I ended up eating almost everything that I bought... Kind of sad really. I'm going to get fat.

I got a letter from Mum... she said that Uncle Ben's wife had a baby. (Stupid me, I didn't even know she was pregnant.) They named it Natalie. I'd love to have kids. I think I want a boy, and he'll be just like me. I feel kind of bad, the Marauders haven’t hung out much this summer, too much work, and other things.

Mum said that I could have everyone over at the end of the summer. We've got a pool and all that fun stuff. I think I'll let everybody know, and see if they want to. Clarice hasn't been over yet.

- James (Prongs)
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[08 Jul 2002|03:13pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yes, yes, last entry I had forgotten to mention where I work. I've been working at The Roundabout. It's a blast. It's a nice place to work, kind of a dive... but it's still pretty groovy. It's a sports store, so I think I can get a good deal on a new racing broom for this coming school year.

Mum sent me an owl today, she was askin' about everybody. She didn't think we were behaving. Honestly, we're good little boys. ::Grin:: Aren't we?

Three months without Lily is driving me up the wall. Lily, you'd better get out here before I blow a bloody gasket. Heh, I'm kidding. It is a very boring day. I'm off today and I'd rather be working. I've got nothing to do. Hey, well I think I'll get dressed and go down, bother Sirius at Zonko's. Then head down to The Three Broomsticks to meet up with everybody.

I need to shower and then I'm off.

- James (Prongs)
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What to do, what to do. [06 Jul 2002|11:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hi there. No entries for a while - school was being let out and we've all been sent to get jobs in Hogsmeade. Nothing new really going on except that it's kind of hard to get a connection out here... Only non-muggle settlement left in Britain, you know.

Good news! Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup. It was very close. We won by a few points, but the point is, we won ! And nobody was expelled either. I've got nothing else exciting to report. I'm going to go see if any one else is awake; I'm getting kind of antsy.

- James (Prongs)
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My friends are psychopaths. [13 May 2002|12:16am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Sirius got into a fight with Snape. Sirius is on tight binds. Malfoy and Summers are picking on Peter. Remus wants to take Peter with him and make Malfoy and Summers pay. Sirius is worried, distressed, and pissed all at the same time.

And where do I stand? I stand nowhere. I'm not taking sides this time. Not this one.

All I'm saying is that if Sirius gets suspended permanently from play Quidditch, the ground will crack and James Potter will be out for blood. The same goes for if any of them get themselves expelled.

Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Wish our (now crappy) Quidditch team luck with our match against Hufflepuff tomorrow. After all, we're missing our star Seeker. We'll need it.

- James (Prongs)
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[OOC Note; please regard if you also play Harry Potter characters.] [11 May 2002|02:11am]

[Alright, we (we, as in the muns that play james_potter, sirius__black, wormtail, and remus_j_lupin) don't want to come off sounding rude, stuck up, smug, or anything of the like. We're actually really nice people, once you get to know us. However, there are a few things that are annoying us at the current moment...

We know there are other people playing the Marauders out there, some at the same age, and some at different ages - but we want to get some things straightened out. We have our own roleplay going on here - which means if your character belongs with another group that plays the Marauders, then stick with that group. This is just to keep things from getting mixed up, and separating different groups from the others. However, if you want to be involved with our Rp, then feel free to join in.

Not to sound picky (although we slightly are), we've found some pretty... well, terrible Rp journals out there (*Cough* About 90%), and we're honestly not afraid to tell you that you suck. We know we're not perfect, but we do know that we're a hell of a lot better then most of the other people out there.

-- What we're trying to get at is if you leave a comment in our journal(s), and we delete it, that means we either;

1. Checked you out and don't like the way you portray the character.
2. Checked you out and see that you are involved with other groups that play the Marauders.
3. Checked you out and found that the character doesn't fit with our time line (who'll believe -- and this is just an example -- Ginny being friends with the Marauders when the Marauders are only teenagers?

But really, we mean well. We're really nice - we don't bite too hard, or scratch too deep, or yank a big too roughly. Remember, this is all about fun, and even if we don't like you, someone else will. So don't get all pissed if we ignore you - just go talk to other groups and see if you fit in with them better. =/

The Muns]
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First entry. [08 May 2002|07:41pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Jeeze, I didn't know it'd take that long to figure out what kind of color scheme I wanted for my journal. Not to mention the fact that I'm stupid and it took me forever just to figure out how to work the damn thing. And guess what? I still need an icon. *Grumble*

Yes, James is very irate right now, and needs to take his anger out on some poor unsuspecting Slytherins. But first - find Sirius. ::Snickers::

- James (Prongs)
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